I was born in 1991 in Bucharest, Romania. My parents bought me a MC-3 toy keyboard when I was 10. My father had played a little guitar in his youth, so he showed me a few songs. At 14 I started "playing more seriously", after receiving lessons from another friends' dad, George Marinescu. George formed a rock band with us kids called Antourage, where I played guitar and sang.

At high-school, I trained to be a programmer: systems, discipline and rote learning. One day I pictured a life spent in the office and the idea seemed excruciating, so I decided to escape into art, starry-eyed. In 2010 I went to study classical composition at college, where I discovered some portals, but also roadblocks and dead-ends.

In 2014, I got back into popular music to try and make a living playing keyboards. On the side, I switched jobs and interests maybe too often: teaching guitar, translating, office jobs, electronics, small time farming and being human.

In the meantime I kept developing my craft - writing music, arranging and playing instruments.

In 2019 I helped set up Norhart Studio in Bucharest with Marco Marinescu, just in time for the incoming music blowout.

In 2020 the pandemic hit, so I focused more on my day job - technical writer for a drone company.

In 2021 I wrote this bio during a lunch break.

Onward and upward!